What is High-Quality Early Learning?
What does quality mean to you? What makes a quality product? Is it a five-star review? Is it winning awards? Is quality durability–construction that will last a lifetime? When it comes to early childhood education, many talk about program quality–but what is it? What does quality look like in child care?

Seventy-five percent of brain growth and 85% of intellect, personality and social skills develop before age five—in the first 2,000
days of life—so we know that young children must have opportunities to learn long before they begin school.

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Components of Quality:

Components of a high-quality program include:

  •  A developmentally appropriate curriculum;
  •  Adequate teacher training;
  •  A safe environment;
  •  Small group size and low adult to child ratios; and
  •  Parent-teacher communication (family

When a program has and maintains these components, the foundation for learning is present. A research-based curriculum helps high-quality programs structure learning for optimal, long-term skills. High-quality programs do not rely on memorization or mimicking. Instead, a high-quality education program encourages the development of critical, creative and independent thinking skills. Children in high-quality programs are actively and happily engaged in learning.

About Open Doors Preschool

Open Doors Preschool is a high quality, licensed, nationally accredited child care program in Lehigh Acres. Our experiences in child care have brought us to believe passionately that high quality, INDEPENDENTLY EVALUATED child care is a priority for ALL families in southwest Florida. We continue expanding our programs to that end.

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