Being Nationally Accredited demonstrates that we’re evaluated independently, and we do the right things for the right reasons.

Independent Evaluation

At Open Doors Preschool, we go above and beyond the Department of Children and Families’ inspections required for child care licensing in the state of Florida. When the National Accreditation Commission comes to our center for their Validation visit, they will be on site for one to two days. Every part of our program is reviewed:
how we interact with and engage our families
how teachers interact and engage with students
health & safety of the entire facility and our practices
individual health & safety practices in each classroom
classrooms and classroom materials,
curriculum and lesson plans.

The Right Things For The Right Reasons

We are happy to do all of these things with excellence, year after year, maintaining our Florida Gold Seal of Quality Care, but that alone isn’t enough. The driving force behind meeting all of these high standards is WHY we do it. At Open Doors Preschool, we believe that, like our students, we should always be learning and growing–and we are. We are licensed and accredited not because we “have” to be, but because we “want” to be. We strive to not only do the right things for our families but to do them for the right reasons.

Accreditation Inspiration

“I guess from the outside looking at a national accreditation process for the first time, it could look a little overwhelming,” says Jami Slack, our beloved Director at Open Doors Preschool. “Actually? Accreditation is fun! It’s inspiring and motivating to see what our staff can accomplish together and to see how that inspiration and motivation extends to our students and their families.”

Open Doors Preschool owner and founder, Rachel McIntyre agrees. “Accreditation is fun. I mean, it might seem like hard work when we are checking and re-checking making sure that EVERYTHING is perfect for our validation visit, but it’s such a good feeling–knowing that every part of our program has been looked at thoughtfully with a focus on improvement. The question that we ask ourselves and our parents every day is: ‘Our school is great, but how can we make it better?’.”

About Open Doors Preschool

Open Doors Preschool is a high quality, licensed, nationally accredited child care program in Lehigh Acres. Our experiences in child care have brought us to believe passionately that high quality, INDEPENDENTLY EVALUATED child care is a priority for ALL families in southwest Florida. We continue expanding our programs to that end.

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