Open Door Experience

While attending Open Doors Preschool, your child will enjoy the ease of our unique schedule which changes every fifteen minutes. Our schedule includes many learning games and other fun, educational activities as well as five outside playtimes each day. Studies show that a schedule which changes every fifteen to twenty minutes helps accelerate learning benefits and contributes to each child’s individual contentment in a classroom setting.

The most important decision that you make for your child’s life is that of early childhood education. A poor start in education could make it difficult or even impossible for your child to succeed throughout the educational process. Attending Open Doors Preschool provides your child with every advantage necessary to succeed in his or her chosen path.

Open Doors Preschool offers not only superior education, but superior recreation. Most outdoor playtimes feature organized play and games. These activities allow your child to safely have the maximum benefit of outdoor play. Studies have shown that children who learn early to participate with a group of peers toward a common goal are better able to achieve individual academic and athletic goals later in life. These children are also more likely to be comfortable in a social setting.

Parents who choose Open Doors Preschool are choosing the best for their child. Open Doors represents the best in education, and the best in quality care, Thank you for your interest in joining Open Doors Preschool, and in giving your child a better tomorrow.