As your child opens their eyes to the world around them, they begin to learn the process of how to grow up to become the fabulous adult they are meant to be. When they begin to explore using their five senses, they can gain insight from the tiniest moments that happen to them. Enrolling your baby in an infant care program can promote special moments that make your child smarter and feel safer with every step that they begin to take.


So how do you choose the right infant care center that is the best fit for your child, and also aligns with your values?


With an infant care program, your baby can learn from trained professionals how to navigate their way through the world with a sense of independence and confidence.


Here are some tips that can help you make the best choice for your infant’s child care:



1. Safe Play Areas Are The Top Priority


In recent times, your child’s safety should be an infant care center’s top priority. We recommend looking for an infant care center that deep-cleans their location and sanitizes surfaces regularly.

They should take temperature checks and monitor your child’s health on a daily basis to ensure that they are at their best when they are inside the center. The play area should also be child-proof and safe for your baby to crawl around. Exploring their surroundings is a crucial learning tool for most infants as it gives them the independence to learn at their own pace.

Open Doors Preschool values your child’s health and is dedicated towards taking any steps necessary to make your baby’s everyday adventures as safe as possible. Our entire location is sanitized and deep-cleaned daily to provide a secure environment for your baby to climb and venture without the worry of germs invading their space. Dynamic free-play experiences are an everyday part of our program under the watch of our instructors. 



2. Individualized Curriculum Aligned With Your Values


Every baby learns differently, and every family has different values that they want to be instilled in their child at an early age. Finding a quality infant care center that promotes catered encounters that grow your baby’s skills can be incredibly beneficial for their brain growth.

At Open Doors Preschool, we work closely with you and your family to ensure that your child’s cognitive development is on the right track. We promote the Creative Curriculum Approach with all of our programs, which means allowing your baby to solve challenges through their own imagination with a guided hand gives them the confidence to do so in the future. We value every one of your child’s experiences, and are unwavering in our commitment to your infant’s wellbeing.


3. Small Class Sizes


Small class sizes have been proven to help children of any age. This means that children and babies receive more individualized attention and care. When looking for the infant care center that’s right for your baby, we highly recommend finding one that has small group sizes. Ask about the teacher to child ratio!

Open Doors Preschool has small class sizes so that your baby can get one-on-one loving interactions with our instructors. Our experienced teachers will guide your child towards solving problems with a creative and rational approach so they feel confident to face whatever comes their way. By gaining personalized care, your child’s ability to achieve will skyrocket compared to infant care centers who do not.



4. Special Activities That Develop Your Baby’s Skills


Your baby deserves to have experiences designed to develop their cognitive abilities from the moment they start at any infant care program. Experienced teachers can provide one-of-a-kind experiences catered directly to your baby’s way of learning. Quality infant care centers can aid in growing self-esteem, creative expression, comprehension of the world, and promotion of healthy habits to keep your baby strong.

We always love to find new ways to make your baby’s learning experience unique to them at Open Doors Preschool. We are focused on developing your baby’s five senses through a variety of methods. Promoting self-recognition, healthy habits, and developmental abilities are a crucial part of all our infant’s curriculum.



5. Positive Parent Testimonials Are a Must-Have


When searching for an effective infant care program, it’s always wise to trust the word of those who have been there before. If parents have had bad experiences with teachers or a negative impression of the school environment, it can be a big indicator of how your child might not have the best experience while attending the program. If teachers leave constantly, or if the infant care center is not certified, it can be a huge red flag.

At Open Doors Preschool, we have consistent reviews from parents praising our Gold-Seal certified child care programs, effectiveness of teachers, and cleanliness of our location. We value your feedback and are always willing to make changes to put the best interest of your child beyond our own. Our teachers have been with Open Doors Preschool for years, and are dedicated to any child that comes under our care. Our loving instructors and positive teaching style will always guide your baby on the right track to success!


The above tips are just a few suggestions for finding an infant care program that is best for your child. Our infant care program at Open Doors Preschool provides all of the above benefits and so much more.



Remarkable Infant Care at Open Doors Preschool

Your infant deserves to develop new skills in a safe and happy environment as they grow and learn. We focus on several goals for your infant to achieve while they are with us, including:

-building skills in memory, creative expression, and social interaction
-developmental support, along with growing physical health and healthy habits
-early guidance towards reading, math, and language ability
-loving and positive relationships with teachers and peers
-promoting self-esteem and self-confidence in exploring the world
-and more!


We guarantee an enriching experience for your child at Open Doors Preschool. From our clean free-play environment to our dedicated long-term staff, we can design your infant’s early experiences to be a positive and loving experience.



How to Enroll Your Baby in Open Doors Preschool


If you are interested in enrolling your child in our Infant Care Program, book a tour with us today by calling 1-239-303-1944 or visit us at our location in Lehigh Acres, Florida.


We are so excited for your baby to join our family – let’s go explore the world together!

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