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Voluntary Prekindergarten Program


Ready for school with Open Doors!

Infants & Toddlers

Growing and learning in a nurturing environment.


Open Doors Preschool is proud to have served the local Lehigh Acres community for over 10 years! Our program is guided by the Creative Curriculum Approach for Early Childhood and the Creative Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers. Open Doors Preschool is a licensed, Gold Seal Accredited Facility!

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Why Open Doors?

We know that you have a choice when it comes to child care and that's why we work hard to offer you as many reasons as possible to choose Open Doors for your child care and educational needs. Click the "read more" tab to see our top 5 reasons why we feel Open Doors Preschool is a great choice for parents in Lehigh Acres.

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The Open Doors Experience
Learning for life!

For over 10 years, Open Doors Preschool has been a trusted name among parents and families in the Lehigh Acres community. Our classrooms are safe and nurturing learning environments for children six weeks to preschool, offering age-appropriate opportunities to discover, explore and learn.

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Our Classrooms
Environments for Learning

Open Doors Preschool strives to offer the best learning environment for your child. When you visit your child's classroom, you will see that it is arranged by interest areas. There are areas for blocks, table toys, and books, an area for dramatic play, and sensory areas with sand, water, or other items, and a space for outdoor play.

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Policies For Parents
Parent Handbook & more

At Open Doors Preschool, we believe that the parent is a child's first and most important teacher. In support of that relationship, we have created policies and guidelines that will help us to effectively work together for the benefit of your child while providing care. Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions.

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