This January at Open Doors Preschool, we have the pleasure of celebrating an educator whose dedication and impact have been nothing short of extraordinary. Michelle Askin, teaching at our Cape Coral 2 location, is not only our Employee of the Month but also the recent recipient of our “Small Efforts Make a Big Difference” award for our Cape Coral 2 location.

27 Years of Enriching Young Minds:

With an impressive tenure of 27 years in childcare, Michelle’s journey is marked by unwavering dedication and a deep understanding of early childhood education. Her expertise and passion are most evident in her role as a Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) teacher, where she masterfully blends educational rigor with the joy of learning.

Photo Description: Michelle Askin and Lina Johnson

Creating a Nurturing Learning Environment:

In her VPK class, Michelle excels in creating an environment that nurtures and challenges young minds. Her approach to teaching goes beyond traditional methods, fostering critical thinking, social development, and a lifelong love for learning. She tailors her teaching to meet the unique needs of each child, ensuring that every student feels valued and understood.

A Beacon of Inspiration and Support:

Michelle’s influence extends beyond her classroom. She is a role model to her peers, consistently demonstrating what it means to go the extra mile. Her recent recognition with the “Small Efforts Make a Big Difference” award at our staff party is a testament to her ability to create significant impacts through her daily interactions and commitment.

Why Michelle Stands Out:

Being named Employee of the Month for January 2024 alongside her recent award win underscores Michelle’s exceptional contributions. It celebrates her exemplary dedication, her remarkable teaching abilities, and her profound impact on both children and colleagues. Michelle embodies the heart and soul of Open Doors Preschool, and we are immensely proud of her.

Photo description: Director Traci Fargnoli and Michelle Askin


Michelle Askin is a shining example of the dedication and excellence we cherish at Open Doors Preschool. Her accomplishments reflect the core values we hold dear and the high standard of education we strive to provide. Congratulations, Michelle, on your well-deserved recognitions. You inspire us all with your commitment and heart.

Thank you, Michelle, for being an essential part of our Cape Coral 2 family and for making a big difference every single day!