The recent Masquerade Ball at The Caloosa Sound Convection Center was a spectacular event, celebrating not just the festive season but also the dedicated individuals who embody the values that define our preschools. Staff from our five locations – Lehigh, Estero, Daniels, and Cape Coral 1 & 2, – gathered for a night of elegance and camaraderie. The highlight of the evening was our awards ceremony, recognizing staff members who exemplify our core values, Thinking “SMALL.”

The Meaning Behind SMALL

Our “SMALL” values represent:

  • S – Small Efforts Make a Big Difference
  • M – Making Mistakes is Okay
  • A – An Attitude of Gratitude
  • L – Look at All the Possibilities
  • L – Listen, Contribute, Grow

Celebrating Our Educators

Here are the awardees who have exemplified these values, making significant contributions to our preschool community:

Estero Location:

  • S: Yanay Ferrer
  • M: Tami Zayac
  • A: Hannah Reardon
  • L: Marielys Suri Terry
  • L: Katie Rogers


Lehigh Location:

  • S: Lorena Cruz
  • M: Taylor Cable
  • A: Veronica Ruiz
  • L: Alexis Gonzalez
  • L: Jessica Ruiz

Cape Coral 1:

  • S: Marlen Sanchez
  • M: Tania Rodriguez
  • A: Diane Andle
  • L: Monica Wallis
  • L: Cenedra West

Cape Coral 2:

  • S: Michelle Askin
  • M: Wendy Jules
  • A: Sindy Suarez
  • L: Linda Johnson
  • L: Peggy Domer

Daniels Location:

  • S: Cassandra Beckwith
  • M: Maria Morales
  • A: Merlyn Noriega
  • L: Mayra Sierra Alcala
  • L: Zenia Gallardo

The Impact of Recognition

This ceremony not only recognized the exceptional contributions of these individuals but also reinforced the importance of our values in shaping a positive and nurturing environment for our children.

Conclusion: A Unified Team Under the goal of Thinking SMALL

As the evening came to a close, it was clear that the Masquerade Ball was more than just a staff party; it was a celebration of the shared values and unity that make Open Doors Preschool a remarkable place. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the awardees and our sincere gratitude to every team member for your commitment and passion.

Thank you for making a big difference by thinking SMALL.